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Left Coast

Sep 28, 2017

LA got the 2028 Olympics! Tight, now we'll get public transit, right? Molly Lambert (@mollylambert) and Arielle Sallai (@ariellesallai) of NOlympics LA sit down with Josh and Sara to crush that dream and tell us exactly who would benefit from an LA Games (hint: it's a bunch of rich plutocrats). Plus the lore...

Sep 22, 2017

Yesenia Padilla (@yesipadilla) of DSA San Diego is back to talk more about Lucy Parsons, anarchist organizing, Gramsci memes and girl power in this follow-up to Episode 13! If you liked these, check out Episode 6 for more on Lucy's husband Albert Parsons and the Haymarket Affair.

Sep 20, 2017

Yesenia Padilla (@yesipadilla) comes to the studio to tell us about Lucy Parsons Gonzalez, anarchist, organizer extraordinaire, thicc wife and INFLUENCER???? If you liked our Haymarket Affair episode with Matt Christman, tune in here to hear about what Lucy kept doing even after her husband was executed. We talk lots...

Sep 13, 2017

A Jew, a Palestinian and an Iranian walk into a recording studio in Burbank.... USC YDSA co-chair Rawan Nasri (@rawanabanana) joins Sara and Josh to discuss genocide, propose peaceful opposition to human rights violations and bid a sorrowful goodbye to DeviantArt.