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Left Coast

Jul 30, 2017

OK BUT WHAT IS HEALTH INSURANCE AND WHY DOES IT SUCK? Writer and Adam Ruins Everything story producer Natalie Shure tells us the story of American health policy, starting with what insurance *is* and how we got the terrible system we have today. What's single-payer health insurance and why is now the time to fight for...

Jul 20, 2017

You've all been very good so Climate Santa has brought you Part 2 of our global warming episode featuring a true gift: Dave Anthony from The Dollop! But some other children are getting coal this year: the Koch brothers, Jerry Brown, BP and sooooo many more. Listen to find out why capitalism is on our naughty list ;) ;)...

Jul 6, 2017

The Dollop co-host Dave Anthony (@daveanthony) bums out Josh (@shutupandrosky) and Sara (@heysarajune) about capitalism's substantial role in climate change and exactly how fucked we all are. But we still make it fun, with jokes! Wow, we're great at this! Just kidding, it's still a lot of very sad and angering news.