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Left Coast

Jun 28, 2017

@kirkdify joins @shutupandrosky and @heysarajune to talk queer radicalism for a very special corporate Pride episode (brought to you by Raytheon, of course). We talk Stonewall, the Mattechine Society, No Justice No Pride and why single-payer healthcare is a gay rights issue.

Jun 24, 2017

@shutupandrosky and @heysarajune dispatch from a Teamster strike and then get acclaimed Berniebro Nathan Fisher to answer the hard questions: what is praxis? Which manifesto is better, The Communist Manifesto or Christopher Dorner's? And is Robert De Niro circumcised or wat?

Jun 13, 2017

Hosts Josh Androsky (@shutupandrosky) and Sara June (@heysarajune) welcome British Shadow Correspondent Drew Nutter (@DrewNutter) to explain the June 8 UK General Election, nonces, Jolyons, trainfucking and the absolute boy himself, Jeremy Corbyn. Sara learns what countries are in the UK and Josh makes a VERY special...